Cómo la psico-naturopatia te puede ayudar a concebir: Tal como un agricultor prepara la tierra para que esta sea fértil, en psico-naturopatia vamos a utilizar diferentes herramientas para lograr que nuestro “terreno” se vuelva mas fértil, sano y propicio para dar la vida en las mejores condiciones.

The main stages of the accompaniment for the conception will be mainly. A first stage where we are going to make up for possible deficiencies (they always exist with our modern diet). A relatively strong detox stage in which we seek to cleanse the body of possible wastes accumulated over a lifetime.

Sometimes a psycho-emotional accompaniment through therapy sessions or simply some help in phytotherapy or others depending on the needs of each person. Everything to be able to conceive, gestate and receive the baby in the best possible conditions. 


Also for the pop:

Contrary to what we may think, the consultation is not only addressed to the mother, who is clearly the one carrying the baby, but also to the future father, since the quality of his genetic material will create half of the future child and the health of the future baby will also depend on him. 

Ideally it is recommended to consult 6 to 3 months before having a conception project in order to ensure the best conditions to create, gestate and receive that baby, however it is never too late to start taking care of your health, that of your partner and especially that of your future baby. 

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