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Consultations take place in person at 24 rue de Chezy, 92200, Neuilly sur Seine, or online via Skype from Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The first consultation is 1:30h long and aims to evaluate the state and symptoms (both physical and emotional), but especially, the body’s ability to return to balance and find a complete state of well-being

A questionnaire will be sent prior to our consultation in order to make the most efficient use of our time together. It will cover topics such as nutrition, hereditary diseases, your current emotional state, sleep patterns, and much more.

This information will be completed in our consultation where a deep exploration will be carried out in order to find a correlation between the symptoms and the imbalance.

The objective will be to establish a personalized lifestyle program to improve/correct the symptoms or problems that led to the consultation in the first place.  This program is developed in tandem with you so that each of the suggested adjustments lies within your possibilities and is achievable, thus avoiding any feeling of frustration.

Follow-up consultations last 1 hour and may or may not be necessary depending on the reason for the consultation, the results obtained, and above all, your needs.

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Consultations take place in person at 24 rue de Chezy, 92200, Neuilly sur Seine, or online via Skype from Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The sessions are 45 minutes/1 hour long and consist of guiding the person through  a conscious process of self-knowledge that will allows them to find their own intrinsic resources so that, with the help of the therapist, they can heal, address their unresolved issues, and move forward with their lives.

During the session, the therapist will put at the service of the client various tools -a “savoir-faire” and a “savoir-etre” so you can find and use these internal resources which in turn, will help you find the way to fulfillment and blissfulness.

In Gestalt Therapy the relationship between the therapist and the client is of the utmost importance.  The exchange is non-judgmental and therefore based on empathy and mutual respect. The aim is to help the individual overcome those problems that are hindering their personal growth.


My years of experience working in several large international companies here in France, in the United States, and in Latin America, made me realize that employee well-being is a key factor to enhance a company´s performance.

Whether through private consultations, workshops, or conferences, the idea is to promote wellness and good health practices both mental and physical among employees, so that they feel fit and motivated enough to put the best of themselves to achieve the main objectives of the company. The rationale is that if they feel that the company takes care of them, they will take care of the company. As a result, they will start regarding the company, not just as a workplace, but as a group of organized people whose goals and objectives are also their own.

Should you wish to learn more about the workshops, conferences, and the different modalities of consultation, do not hesitate to contact me.


Women gatherings of all ages, religions, ideologies, etc. who come together to celebrate the fact of being a woman.

A bit of history:

It is a movement that emerged in the United States in the late ´90s, thanks to the publication of a book by Anita Diamant, called “Red tent”. The story refers to the “Moon Lodge” when Native American women met during their “moons” (better known today as menstrual periods) a time when women’s creativity is at its peak.

The women’s circles of Opanacée

Together with my group of friends and colleagues from Opanacée, we perform this type of collective therapy in Paris and Marseille which revolve around different topics such as sexuality, self-confidence, creativity, feminine energy, motherhood, etc…

The participants arrange themselves in circles around a decorated central space specially developed to the honored woman?

We talk, we exchange, we feel, we help each other and reconnect with our feminine energy through words, meditation, exercises, dance, singing, and many other tools and resources. The ways of engagement are infinite, and each circle is different and co-created by each of the women in it.

In the circle, we put aside our egos and speak from the heart. There is nothing to prove, no masks or postures to hold, we come as we really are, with what we are living, feeling, and fearing in order to discuss it with our sisters.

Empathy, respect, kindness, confidentiality, and non-judgmental exchanges are the unspoken contract to which we commit.

Women’s circles are a time for us, to meet/discover and free oneself.

In women’s circles, we transcend our individual life story and expand it into a wider dimension that includes the community of all the women who are present there, but also all the others who once sat in a women’s circle to talk about their lives with an open heart and mind.

To participate in the next one, you can keep yourself posted by following us on Instagram “Opanacée”.