Naturopathy is considered as a traditional medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO)

It is a discipline that uses natural healing techniques to prevent and/or overcome diseases by relying on the capacity of self-healing that every organism possesses.

To provide the individual with the best possible conditions for self-healing. 

These conditions will be different and unique to each person and situation, meaning that two people with the same pathology may be treated differently since we treat the person and not the disease.

Giving the body the best conditions so that it can heal itself 

That is what naturopathy is all about: giving the best possible conditions to the body, which will be different and unique for each individual and situation so that it can find its own way to health. 

Naturopathy looks for the cause(s) of disease(s) or imbalances rather than treating symptoms.

Dealing only with the symptoms can make them momentarily go away, but if we do not treat the root, the same -or another- problem will eventually resurface.

Considered to be a branch of traditional medicine in various regions of Europe and North America -and therefore regulated accordingly naturopathy uses different techniques, applied appropriately to each individual depending on their morphology, psychology, genetics, lifestyle, etc…

Among its different tools we find: Nutrition, Psychology, Botanical Medicine, Sports, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, etc.…