The role of anti-aging psycho-naturopathy is to prevent and even correct the signs of aging through an optimal and personalized lifestyle. Maintaining and even improving the conditions and capabilities of the person are the main role of this branch of naturopathy. 

Health is reflected in an optimal physical state, attributes of youth and beauty.

He and disease are not an inevitability, the body does not have to deteriorate and age significantly over the years. In fact the naturopathic literature states that we are meant to live 120 years in excellent health and shape.

Psycho-naturopathy has many tools to prevent and fight against ageing: nutrition, fasting and micro-nutrition, stress and emotion management, adapted physical activity, respiratory techniques, phytotherapy, hydrotherapy, massages, etc.

They are intended to counteract the damage and aging that mean the famous “free radicals” and oxidative stress, glaciation, nutritional deficiencies either by lack of supply or poor assimilation, hormonal imbalances, among others.

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