Chronic diseases

The psycho-naturopathy is especially indicated and is shown to be effective in people with chronic diseases (autoimmune or not) to which unfortunately many times traditional medicine does not provide real solutions or relief, or sometimes it does but with a high cost in terms of side effects. 

Chronic diseases (autoimmune or not) are generally more or less serious and disabling conditions, incurable and usually involute degenerating the state of the individual over the years. 

The list of chronic diseases is long and most of the time it is strongly related to the “diseases of civilization” such as diabetes, vascular and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer, hypertension, fibromyalgia, polyarthritis, spondyloarthritis, allergies, Alzheimer’s, endometriosis, among others. 

In psycho-naturopathy, this type of illness is understood as the manifestation of a ground, a whole (mind, body, spirit, etc.) altered, unbalanced and above all loaded with endo and exogenix waste. 

The state in which the ground is found is closely related to our inheritance without doubt, but above all it is the consequence of our hygiene and way of life, food habits, rest, level and management of emotions and stress, etc.


The psycho-naturopathy is going to establish the true cause  of this unbalance in the terrain in order to be able to treat the root of the problem, at the same time to give the best conditions to this specific terrain so that the organism/terrain can return by itself to a balance and thus heal.

Psycho-naturopathy gives back the responsibility, but also the power of action on health to each individual. Chronic illness (autoimmune or not) is not seen as a fatality and we can act to change things. 

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