Infertility* is a growing problem, considered as a public health problem by the WHO, since today 1 couple in 6 in the “industrialized” countries has difficulties in conceiving.

We talk about infertility when the couple could not conceive at the end of a year of regular sexual intercourse without contraceptive methods and can affect both the man and the woman or both. 

There are several problems that may be causing infertility in both women and men, such as endometriosis, irregular cycles, hormonal problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, a decreased concentration of sperm, or an alteration in the quality and / or mobility of the same, etc ….  

Both physical health and particularly the functioning of the reproductive system in men and women, without forgetting emotional balance, are factors that will influence our fertility. However, we know today that also pollution, exposure to pesticides and other food toxins, endocrine disruptors, coupled with unhealthy lifestyles associated with overweight, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, among others, strongly disrupt our fertility as well. 

How psycho-naturopathy can help you:

Just as a farmer prepares the soil to make it fertile, in psycho-naturopathy we will use different tools to make our “soil” fertile and propitious to give life. 

A personalized program of hygiene of life that includes a rebalance in eating habits, certain natural supplements to alleviate possible deficiencies, a period of detox, sport, among other techniques, and depending on the case, a follow-up and psycho-emotional support may be suggested to complete the picture and thus increase the chances of conceiving. 

The psycho-naturopathy is even useful and even indispensable when the couple is carrying out a project of in vitro fertilization or other accompanied by conventional medicine to optimize their chances of conceiving from a multidisciplinary vision. 

The session is logically directed to the couple and a plan is made for both the man and the woman in a personalized and individual way. 

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