Pregnancy is an ideal time to take even better care of yourself and at the same time take care of the development and well-being of your baby. 

During pregnancy, several factors will influence not only us, but also directly on our baby.  Our diet, level of stress and anxiety, the regular practice or not of physical exercise, the cosmetic products we put on our skin, our rest or lack of it, etc. directly influence the development of our little ones and the way in which we go through pregnancy.

Thanks to psycho-naturopathy, the mother-to-be actively and consciously contributes to the health and optimal development of her baby, and at the same time ensures a full pregnancy, making sure that she gives her body and her baby exactly what they need.

The techniques and tools used by psycho-naturopathy such as: nutritional rebalancing, the management of the psycho-emotional sphere, the use of phytotherapy among other natural remedies, adapted sports, etc. will help the future mother during this period of transition, change sometimes accompanied by some discomfort, where it is essential to give the best to the body and mind to indirectly give the best to our baby. 

As always, psycho-naturopathy offers individualized solutions to each person, case, symptom, etc. taking into account the terrain, heredity, tastes and possibilities of the future mother.

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