Conception and pregnancy

How psycho naturopathy can help you to conceive: Just as a farmer prepares the soil to make it more fertile and propitious, in psycho-naturopathy we will use different tools to make our “soil” more fertile, healthy and favorable in order to carry life in the very best of conditions.

I propose a tailored lifestyle health program that includes dietary rebalancing, in some cases certain natural supplements, detoxification, sports, etc… among other techniques. In some cases, a follow-up and psycho-emotional counselling may be proposed to complete the treatment and increase the chances of conceiving in the best possible conditions for the mother-to-be and her baby.

If you are already pregnant: pregnancy is the ideal time to take even better care of yourself and your baby. During pregnancy, several factors will directly have an impact on you and your baby.  Your diet, your stress/anxiety level, whether you exercise regularly or not, the skin products you use on your skin, etc. will directly influence the development of your baby and the way you will experience your pregnancy.

With psycho-naturopathy, the mother-to-be actively and mindfully contributes to the optimal health and development of her baby, and at the same time ensures a healthy pregnancy, making sure to give her body and her baby exactly what they need.

The techniques and tools used by psycho-naturopathy such as: nutritional rebalancing, psycho-emotional sphere management, the use of phytotherapy among other natural remedies will help the future mother during this period of transition and change, when it is essential to give the best to the body and mind in order to give the best to your baby.

As always, psycho naturopathy offers tailor-made solutions for each person, case, symptom, etc., taking into account the terrain, heredity, preferences and potential of the mom-to-be.

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