Improve your health and well-being

The key role of Psycho-Naturopathy is to prevent and even reverse certain imbalances or minor illnesses through a customized lifestyle plan. It’s all about making you feel better so you can enjoy life better!

We aim to maintain and even improve your physical and psychological capacities so that you feel healthier on a daily basis, have more energy, be less sick, and prevent possible future chronic or serious illnesses.

The minor illnesses or discomforts that we tend to get used to over the years, the lack of vitality and energy do not necessarily have to be a part of your life. In fact, naturopathic bibliography affirms that we are made to live 120 years in excellent health conditions as long as we maintain an adequate lifestyle.

The tools I use to improve your quality of life include diet rebalancing, fasting, micronutrition, stress and emotion management, adapted physical activity, respiratory techniques, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, massages, purging, among many others.

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