Stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, anguish, insomnia, etc., psycho-naturopathy can help you with these conditions either from a purely physical point of view, or from a psychic point of view, or with a global vision using both disciplines to get out of these conditions.

A little background:

Stress is considered by many experts to be the most impactful disease today. It is caused by a relationship between the person and the environment in which the subject perceives the extent to which environmental demands constitute a danger to his or her well-being, if they exceed or equal his or her resources to cope.

Its consequences can include a wide range of conditions and diseases such as lowered defenses, skin and hair problems, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even depression and/or memory loss, among many others. The symptoms of stress, if it becomes chronic, can affect your body and emotions, and often even change your behavior.

Anxiety is a state of restlessness caused by the anticipation of danger and results in many psychological symptoms and a sense of impending disaster or danger. To some extent, anxiety is a normal, adaptive human mechanism that attempts to protect us from danger. The problem is when this anxiety becomes chronic or long-lasting.

Anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of ways:

Restlessness, anxiety, feelings of danger or threat, desire to flee or attack, insecurity, jealousy, suspicion, difficulty making decisions.

From a physical point of view, one can observe trembling, shaking or a feeling of agitation, muscle tension or pain, symptoms of hyperactivity, a feeling of suffocation, palpitations or tachycardia, sweating or cold and clammy hands, dry mouth, nausea, intestinal problems, chills, a feeling of lumpiness in the throat and difficulty in swallowing. Also symptoms of hypervigilance such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, etc.

Anxiety, on the other hand, has an immobilizing effect and is defined as a complex, diffuse and unpleasant emotion that also has psychological and organic consequences. It is a feeling related to situations of despair, where the subject loses the ability to act voluntarily and freely.

Insomnia can be caused by physical or psychological reasons and can also be a consequence of stress or anxiety.

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