Weight loss

Obesity and overweight are linked to many diseases in the future. Staying at a healthy weight is important from an aesthetic point of view without a doubt, but above all from an overall health point of view.

Weight loss in psycho-naturopathy is done from a multidiciplinary approach, that is, trying to understand the physical, psychological and emotional causes that lead to this overweight, as well as using tools  from both disciplines for a lasting weight loss through the proposal and consolidation of new eating habits and hygienic life hygiene. 

The individual and personalized approach since each overweight has different causes and therefore different possible solutions; treating it in a universal way by means of shock diets will not normally have a lasting result nor will it be adapted to the health of each individual. 

In consultation we will see together:

Your possible nutritional deficiencies, since it is necessary to palliate them to be able to lose weight in a lasting way. 

I’m also going to find out about your specific type of overweight (genoid, android, mixed…) and the factors that in each case are favoring that overweight in order to work on them. 

The psychological and emotional reasons for this overweight, such as: anxiety, stress, eating behavior problems, etc. 

What type of physical activity is the most adapted to our needs, taking into account our personalities so that it is something achievable and durable over time. 

Your tasts and what gives you pleasure in food so that together we can put together a program adapted to your needs that is at the same time achievable in the long term. 

Choose from today what is good for you, consult now